Updated: Military thugs campaign in Khon Kaen

The Dictator has been on the campaign trail, traveling to Khon Kaen, in red shirt territory but appeared at the yellow-shirted island at the university there.

In his speech, he appealed and whined. His main point was that people should appreciate and like him and the military.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha sought to hoodwink his audience, saying: “I would like to be the prime minister for everyone. All of us should help to avoid conflicts…”. He’s done his bit to avoid conflict, repressing, jailing and murdering over the past few years.

He then beseeched them: “Please do not hate the military. Certainly some soldiers are bad, but there are bad fish in every occupation. In fact, there are more good people than bad ones…”. The bad ones seem to be running the country (into the ground).

At about the time, his 30 of his soldier and police thugs were conducting illegal operations, seeking to repress opponents in Khon Kaen. Prachatai reports that:

security officers … raided the headquarters of the activist group Dao Din and confiscated documents about the controversial healthcare reform. When an activist asked to see a search warrant, a policeman gestured towards a military officer saying, “Here is the warrant.”

The report states that the officer was none other than the traffic-stopping royalist thug Lt Col Phitakphon Chusri, “a local unit leader of the junta’s so-called peace-keeping force in Khon Kaen. He usually appears at political campaigns and activities criticising the junta in Khon Kaen. He was also the one who file a lèse majesté complaint against Jatupat Boonpattaraksa, aka Pai Dao Din, for sharing a BBC biography of King Vajiralongkorn.”

Don’t hate soldiers, just overthrow their regime.

Update: Isaan Record has a story on the thugs. Read it and count the obvious lies spouted by the minions of the military junta. They can lie and concoct as much as they like because the military boot is big, thick and rewarding (for them).


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