Reconciliation plan ticked off

A report at he Bangkok Post tells us the military dictatorship’s reconciliation plan is about finished. Tick that off.

This “planning” began back in February. Then in April it was reported that the the various groups and committees, all dominated by the military, had wrapped up two months of work “gathering public opinion,” and that the junta’s minions would draft “a unity agreement” by June. Sure enough, they have.

It’s been a propaganda exercise and still has a way to go in serving junta interests.

The propaganda includes claims of public participation. Defence spokesman Maj Gen Kongcheep Tantravanich “expressed confidence that the efforts to build national reconciliation will come to fruition as the unity agreement has been drawn up from public input and past lessons.” He added:

It may only be a piece of paper, but it’s the people’s will. It is the people who have provided this framework for living in a peaceful society. I’m confident we will succeed this time because we have drawn on lessons from the past….

Nice try General, but its a lie.

In any case, the document, already amended by General Prawit Wongsuwan, who also approved it, is only three pages long. That’s less than the documentation or agreement for a laptop or tablet or for online banking. But we are talking about military men, and they all have multiple jobs and the longest document they can concentrate on is a bank statement.

But now the draft “agreement”will be kept secret until it is “unveiled” at public hearings in late June and early July and “public opinion will be considered in fine-tuning the draft.”

Those “public hearings” will be carefully controlled and will be subject to heavy security to prevent any “politics” entering the process.We can be sure of this because the military domination of the process so far has been 100%.

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