Updated: Another plaque-related lese majeste case

Khaosod reports on a seventh lese majeste case over the last week or so. It is seemingly related to the Stolen History 6 cases.

This case surfaced on 11 May 2017 when a man was taken by soldiers to the police’s  “Technology Crime Suppression Division on Thursday morning and will hear charges of defaming the monarchy and violating the Computer Crime Act later at the Criminal Court…”.

Human rights lawyer Arnon Nampa said “relatives of a man he identified only by his Facebook username, ‘Adisak Sakulngern.’ They were seeking legal assistance after the man was allegedly held incommunicado at an undisclosed location by soldiers for six days before being turned over to police…”.

Some of the reporting on this case leaves PPT puzzled, with Khaosod seeming to judge the man and his posts at Facebook, reporting some of those posts, assuming these are the “offending” material, reporting “speculation” about him and other unsubstantiated and damaging claims.

It does seem that this man’s case is related to those of the Stolen History 6, although exactly how is not immediately clear. That group is accused of reposting, forwarding or liking Facebook posts that were reportedly critical of the theft of the 1932 revolution plaque on about 5 April.

Update: Prachatai has further details on this case. The accused has denied the (political) crime.

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