Fashion madness in Munich

PPT doesn’t follow the king around looking for Hello magazine style stories. After all, the king may be a public figure, but we still think he should be able to pop into a shop and buy a frying pan when he feels the need.

Yet we feel compelled to post the latest from Germany’s Bild newspaper. The newspaper has photographers who have captured the king in all his fashion madness several times. That said, some might argue that the 64 year-old king is aligned with certain fashion trends.

We have used Google Translate, but it isn’t perfect, even for the headline, but the gist is clear. We also took out a couple of photos that seems inconsequential, including of a pooch that was dressed up, but this seems pretty normal these days.

He bought cups, a frying pan, and his dog was wearing cute socks

Thai king in the furniture houseThe Thai king runs around when he is “private”, as here in a furniture house near Munich. At his side: Lady Goi (former nurse). Photo: BILD-LESERREPORTER


Munich – The Thais regard their king as a deity. It is true that Maha Vajiralongkorn (64) is not as popular with the people as his father Bhumibol, who died in 2016 … but God King remains God-King – even in belly-free top and sneakers.

In Thailand he can only be seen in uniform – in his secret homeland Bavaria, he can run around as he likes. Just like this week at the Segmüller furniture store in Parsdorf near Munich.

At his side, ex-nurse Lady Goi. One of his current main women.

The king is three times divorced, at least one of his ex-wives was arrested after the divorce. To be in the royal game in Thailand is not a long-term gig. But as long as it lasts – its is party time.

Vajiralongkorn has villas all over the world, continues to travel by private jet, and is famous for the extravagant parties that he likes for his poodle. Estimated assets: 40 billion euros.

(PPT hasn’t heard about villas outside Germany and Thailand.)

In Parsdorf, His Majesty contented himself with kitchen accessories. Patterned coffee cups with saucers and a frying pan. “He loves to play a normal life in Bavaria, so he goes shopping,” a court insider told BILD.

In Bavaria the king is famous for his excursions.

In the guesthouse “Stern” in Unterammergau, the guests were not surprised when people serving the king skidded along on their knees. His servants approach him only on knees. In the VIP area of the Munich airport, the royals are known to wear skimpy tank tops an flip flops.

The cute poodle almost always accompanies the king, as it did at the furniture house (next to servants and bodyguards). Is the king planning another great party?

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