A curse on their house

Many readers will have seen Teeranai Charuvastra’s excellent piece “The Curse That Haunted Bangkok 150 Years – Until Now?” at Khaosod.

As almost everyone knows, magic plays a role in politics and is deployed in various symbolic ways for political advantage. Teeranai’s brave article explains another way in which 1932 is significant in Thailand.

We recommend the article to those who haven’t yet seen it.

The article concludes with a royalist practitioner of black arts stating that no matter what happens, “we [he seems to mean the Thai people] will forever be ruled by Chakri kings, the descendants of King Rama I.”

We can say that he is wrong. Our astrologer, who has studied under powerful masters in Cambodia and Burma, is emphatic: those responsible for removing the 1932 plaque are in for a lot of trouble, and the dynasty remains threatened. He says that the vandals believed that they were acting to remove an impediment to the reign. His reading is that removing it will bring nothing but troubles for the regime and the reign, threatening the dynasty.

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