Majestificiation means the lese majeste of everything

Yet another fraud-cum-lese majeste case is on the boil.

The Nation reports that “[p]olice are considering pressing a lese majeste charge against a woman who allegedly cheated thousands of tourists by promising a trip to Japan and then leaving them stranded at Suvarnabhumi Airport…”.

According to Central Investigation Bureau chief Thitirat Nongharnpitak, it seems that Pasit “Shogun” Arinchayapit encouraged the bilked to pass on money with a promise that “she could bring them to meet palace figures and somebody from the Palace to preside over the opening ceremony of her company.”

Who knows if that’s true, but the Technology Crime Suppression Division have been told “to gather information to check whether this is true and has enough weight for us to charge her with a lese majeste lawsuit…”.

When the little world that is Thailand is subjected to majestification then all kinds of things become possible. Pyramid funds have previously been associated with the palace.

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