Another “plot” against the junta

In an earlier post citing Deputy Dictator General Prawit Wongsuwan on why the constitution did not mean that political parties could again become active, he said there was too much “trouble” still going on.

We wondered if he meant a tiny but convenient bomb? Or that “assassination plot” for which no evidence has been produced? Or the rusty bunch of weapons claimed “seized” from red shirts that became a sparkling bunch of newer weapons after the military had the “suspects” and “evidence” for a while? Or the Wat Dhammakaya debacle?

What we missed was another dastardly plot by the nebulous “opposition.” The junta’s spokesman, Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd revealed a wicked conspiracy involving a supposedly bogus “set of nine restrictions for the Songkran holiday…”. These restrictions “prohibited Songkran revellers from wearing tight and revealing clothes and using high-pressure water guns and hoses…”.

Lt Gen Sansern cried that “groups with ill intentions were capitalising on the controversial traffic rules to undermine the administration.”

He added: “Some groups want to discredit the government by linking these [alleged nine restrictions] with the new traffic regulations and a ban on water throwing on [main] roads.”

Let’s get this right…. The junta issued new traffic rules that were then modified, delayed or something like that. Then a plot has developed, circulating bogus rules to make the junta look even worse. Got it?

Well, not quite. “Lt Gen Sansern said that some of the bogus restrictions were ‘guidelines’ made by the cabinet during previous years of the Songkran festival.”

Confused? You bet. Anyway, his point is that, no matter what things the junta has actually done, there’s a conspiracy to make it look bad. Perhaps he should look in the mirror.


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