The junta’s constitution promulgated

In a ceremony broadcast live on the national television feed, the king signed the (now) 2017 constitution.

As we watched, we were wondering when was the last time such a ceremony was held. The television commentators say that this was the fifth such ceremony since 1932.

No other royal was seen. Perhaps they are all away on holidays, beating the heat.

The Bangkok Post ludicrously claims that this was “an ancient ceremony.” That’s buffalo manure. How can a ceremony first held in late 1932 be “ancient”?

We do accept that it is not a ceremony “seen in almost 50 years.”

Perhaps the Post bought the propaganda invested in the ceremony, suggesting again and again that sovereignty resides with the monarch.

The ceremony began in a faux-ancient way, with the king being revealed from behind a curtain, standing above all. The rest of the ceremony involved massive groveling and crawling, again being symbolic of anything but democracy.

More than this, the ceremony was an effort to link the king and the junta’s constitution.

And, even more than this, the king appeared in military uniform, confirming that this is not a democratic constitution.

As yet, the secrets of constitutional changes demanded by the king have not been revealed.

Update: Further to the last line above, both Khaosod and the Bangkok Post have versions of the changes made. The former refers to changes to five articles and compares them, side-by-side, while the latter refers to six changes.


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