Reflexive denial II

We think “reflexive denial” might be read as “lying.”

A recent report at the Bangkok Post, on yet another delay in the junta’s long promised “election,” is likely to be denied by The Dictator and other members of the junta, but if this delay goes the way of all the others, then this denial will move into the confirmed column.

This is what military dictatorships do.

Oddly, the Post’s headline implies that the “election” is about to be upon us: “The countdown has started.” In fact, the “countdown” began with the 2014 military coup. That was in May 2014. That’s almost three years ago. The junta has delayed the promised “election” time and again.

That’s what military dictatorships do.

This delay message is from Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) member Thitipan Chuaboonchai who says “the key to determining that would depend on the readiness of the Election Commission (EC) and political parties, which must be revamped under the charter’s organic laws.”

The delay proposed now is because the steps, always known, is that the “CDC needs to draft the four laws within 240 days of the new charter, submitted to the King on Feb 18, being royally endorsed.”

It is interesting that the king, who demanded changes to the draft “constitution” has now had the revised document for more than two weeks and still hasn’t signed off. Perhaps he’s busy.

Thitipan went on: “The laws will then be submitted to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), which will spend 60 days deliberating them.” After that, there may be amendments required: “the amendment process will take up to 30 days.”

Then the laws have to be approved by the king. That takes a few more weeks.

Thitipan finally says: “The whole process leading up to the election could take up to a maximum of 20-and-a-half months from Feb 18, and this could mean the poll would be held between September and October next year.” That’s late 2018.

The last time we heard about a “delay,” it was to early 2018. The time before that it was late 2017. And so it goes on.

That’s what military dictatorships do.

The countdown to the next “election” delay has begun.

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