The corruption glacier II

In our previous post we stated that there were two stories today that emphasize how the National Anti-Corruption Commission is politicized, biased and just plain slow. Glacially slow. This post also illustrates some of those issues.

Khaosod reports that an NACC “[i]nvestigation into accusations of cronyism within the ranks of the ruling junta was suspended along with other cases due to a legal technicality…”.

Read the story as political bias, read it as the glacier having stopped inching forward or read it as both.

SchultzThis story seems to say that all inquiries and investigations, “including that over a construction company run by junta chairman Prayuth Chan-ocha’s nephew, can not move forward until officials implement the changes in recent amendments to anti-graft laws…”.

NACC Secretary-General Sansern Poljiak said: “we halted all cases.”

Oops, sorry, that’s Sgt Schultz in the picture, not General Preecha…. Still, it seems to fit this story. A lot of people seem to know nothing.

So all that guff about Rolls Royce investigations was, for the moment, horse manure? It seems so. But back to “investigations” of nepotism.

Then Sansern told reporters, no, not halted: “It’s the same for every case that we have to slow down for only two months so we can fix internal regulations and make them comply with the bigger laws.”

And if anyone was confused, halted means “working as usual”: “… our works are not being halted. Our officials are still working as usual.”

Sansern declared: “I insist that we have not halted only the fact-finding in the case of Gen. Preecha’s son…”. So that’s the NACC not investigating nepotism, but “fact finding.”

The it turns out that the “halt”-cum-“working as usual” of two months has almost finished. Yes, we know, it is confusing. But, then, think about this post and wonder if “halted” is exactly the same as “working as usual.”

Whatever is (not) happening, we are sure those in the broad elite who do and who have benefited from a corruption network in Thailand can continue to sleep easily at night.

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