Army not united

Less than a week ago, PPT commented on discussion of a possible coup in Thailand and the remarkable sight of military leaders and junta bosses denying that a coup was possible in 2017 and declaring the military is (almost certainly) united.

As if to confirm that the junta’s tank tracks are falling off, “Army chief [General] Chalermchai Sittisat has called for unity in the army…”. tank

That’s in the already “united” military. Well, perhaps not.

General Chalermchai said this “as he inspected the 1st Army’s headquarters on Ratchadamnoen Avenue in Bangkok. Lt Gen Apirat Kongsompong, the 1st Army commander, and high-ranking army officers were present to welcome the army chief.”

Chalermchai declared that “the army plays an important role in ensuring security and supporting the government [the junta].”

He babbled on about nation, religion, and king “and the people.”

Where’s there problems? It seems there are different views on the junta grasping and keeping power for decades:

If we think and act along the same lines, the army will move forward with honour and dignity and will become a main pillar supporting government efforts to run the country,” Gen Chalermchai said…

And, as usual, about promotions, with General Chalermchai insisting “he adhered to the merit system in promotions, a mechanism used to avoid problems associated with frustration over promotions seen as unfair by some.” We assume that Apirak’s promotion is one of those that has caused frustration.


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