Release Pai II

The Bangkok Post reports that a request by Jatuphat Boonpattaraksa (Pai) “to leave prison so he could sit his final exams at Khon Kaen University was rejected on Monday but authorities agreed to arrange for him to take the tests behind bars.”

In ultra-royalist Thailand where the junta has essentially decided to frame the anti-junta activist on lese majeste charges, this might be seen as a small breakthrough. Yet this tiny concession should not be permitted to hide the facts of the case, where a young man is being railroaded.

Pai “is in his last year of law studies at Khon Kaen University. He is scheduled to sit his final exams for computer skills on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

To arrange the exams in jail, “Lt Col Pitakpol Choosri, head of the NCPO’s [they mean the junta] peace-keeping force [they mean thugs] in Khon Kaen” brought together “police, administrative officials, and representatives from justice and security agencies [more thugs]” to meet with “Khon Kaen University personnel” to agree “to hold exams inside the detention facility so that Mr Jatupat could complete his tertiary education.”

Pai has only just been informed of this a day before the exams.

The same authorities and thugs masquerading as the “Khon Kaen Provincial Court” had earlier dismissed “a petition lodged on Monday morning by Mr Jatupat’s team of lawyers, who asked it to allow their client to leave the prison temporarily and sit his final exams at Khon Kaen University.”

The court said it wasn’t its jurisdiction and said talk with corrections officers. They said “they could not permit him to leave for the exams unless he received the permission from the court.” Catch-22 as a way to punish Pai.

The junta’s thug-courts have rejected five bail applications.

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