“Commissions” I

PPT has several times (see here) posted on “commissions” that flow to state employees and most especially senior military officers from state procurement.

Of course, the top officers aren’t usually doing the “deals,” but the “system” works so that funds flow to the top. So embedded is this system that it is normalized among the heads of the military, police and other big procurement agencies.

The results can be seen in the unusually high wealth declared by these persons when, say, the junta gives them well-paid positions in puppet assemblies. That they declare huge wealth is a measure of the normalization of corruption.

Often, when allegations of corruption arise, they simply drift away.

In a recent report from the BBC, however, we are provided with details of the corruption involved in selling Rolls Royce engines and associated contracts to Thai Airways from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s.

For those who wish to see how the money flows, read the story and its embedded links to the UK’s Serious Fraud Office, also listed below:

We know there are many such cases. “Commissions” are paid on literally everything that is procured.


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