Updated: A Chinese-style state?

Yellow shirts and other Thaksin Shinawatra haters are congratulating the military junta for its holiday surveillance of Yingluck Shinawatra.

Congratulating the military for this intimidation is a reflection of anti-democratic mindsets.

Like millions of other Thais, Yingluck and her family took holidays over New Year. The junta decided that it needed to have her watched and intimidated.

Yingluck ” has complained about being followed by people whom she believes were plainclothes police and authorities during her family trip.” She added: “I never thought I would be closely followed by plainclothes police and authorities, who also checked on the shops and places I visited…”.

Is anyone really surprised by such intimidation? Stomping around in big army and police boots so that anyone coming into contact with Yingluck or political dissidents knows they are under the junta’s threatening regime ia part of a pattern of Chinese-style monitoring, surveillance and intimidation.

Update: In what we consider a remarkable response to Yingluck’s observations, The Dictator reportedly “told Yingluck not to complain much since it is anyway a normal measure that she has to be followed.” It is tragic when the abnormal is normalized and the repressive made usual. (The yellow shirts will applaud this military repression, until it is turned on them.)

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