Military dictator blind to irony

According to Prachatai, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, The Dictator, has used his dictatorial powers under Article 44 of the military’s dictatorial interim constitution to “terminate three public agencies responsible for facilitating dialogue between civil society and the state.”

Apparently not recognizing the irony of his dictatorial actions, The Dictator terminated the Office of the National Economic and Social Advisory Council, the Political Development Council and the Law Reform Commission of Thailand.

The Dictator declared “that the three organisations have already ‘served their purposes’ and that their the staff should be transferred to other public organisations.”

Authoritarian Thailand, directed and disciplined by the military junta, has no need for advice on anything. Law reform is not required as the junta can do anything it wants and is putting in place measures that pass control of law to the royalist elite. Political development is off the agenda as the military dictatorship is drawing up a 20-year “plan” for ongoing authoritarianism.

Using absolute powers granted by a military coup, The Dictator has squashed reform agencies, even if the three had been taken over by royalist ninnies. We guess The Dictator just loathed the idea of these names hanging around when his “reform” is winding the calendar back to darker days.

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