BBC on BBC Thai lese majeste allegations

The junta’s goons have been chasing the BBC’s office in Bangkok on allegations that its stories on the new king constitute lese majeste. No formal charges have been laid as yet.

BBC News reports that The Dictator has declared that the “BBC could be prosecuted in Thailand if a profile it published of the new king is found in breach of lese majeste laws…”.

Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha states: “As they have an office in Thailand and Thai reporters work there they must be prosecuted when they violate Thai law…”. In fact, being “Thai” has nothing to do with the law, but we can’t expect legal dunces like Prayuth to understand the draconian and feudal law.

Prayuth is angry that the BBC had reports that were accurate, factual and rather meek on the new king’s dark past.

A BBC spokesperson stated:

BBC Thai was established to bring impartial, independent and accurate news to a country where the media faces restrictions, and we are confident that this article adheres to the BBC’s editorial principles.

The report reveals details about the “investigation”:

It began after complaints about the article – which was published in the UK and has since been blocked online in Thailand – by royalists who accuse the BBC of defaming the king.

We are in no doubt that this is the future of Thailand under the new king and the royalist military junta. That future is feudal, repressive and regressive.

We leave in the BBC’s links in the story:

Profile: Thailand’s new king

Thai crown prince proclaimed new king

Thailand’s lese majeste laws explained


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