The next 20 years of royalist repression II

The Nation reports claims by the puppet Constitution Drafting Commission’s spokesman Udom Rathamarit on the “reform” that will come with the “promulgation of the military-sponsored constitution…”.

His comments are revealing of the anti-democratic spirit of that charter and those who followed the junta’s orders in developing it.

Udom “explains” that this constitution had specific aims, mean to constrain “raw powers, big families” and make them “play the game under the same rules.” In this, the anti-democrats have one eye closed. The greatest and darkest power in Thailand is the murderous military. That “great family” is permitted to do whatever it likes.

Like most anti-democrats, Udom makes claims about “morals and codes of conduct.” These “morals” are those of the elite and revolve around notions of impunity for the great and the “good.” Double standards are their most cherished “code of conduct.”

He is clear that the constitution is written by the CDC to coerce while the “independent” agencies are meant to prevent evil “politicians” to “be vigilant and see through the trick [before any irregularity occurs]…”. Elected politicians simply can’t be trusted. The military’s “tricks” are usually blunt: jail, repression, censorship and murder.

Those hoisted into “independent agencies” must be carefully screened to ensure they are loyal servants of the great and the “good.”

Turning to the planned 20 years of royalist repression, National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) member Kamnoon Sidhisamarn anticipated that “Thailand would see volatility and instability because of unprecedented mechanisms enshrined in the charter…” and “continual reform” over 20 years “that future governments will be required to follow.” He said that plan “would be finished within one year and a few months.”

Kamnoon said that “the sweeping power that junta head and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has would still be valid after the promulgation [of the charter] and most of the Senate were appointed by the junta…”, this would drive the “reform” agenda.

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