The next 20 years of royalist repression

Many would have considered the military dictatorship’s trumpeted 20 year plan for Thailand to be something that would fade, especially once the dictatorship and its junta were gone. Even The Dictator has implied, several times, that the implementation of the “plan” was up to future governments.

This was a manipulation of truth and intention. The junta is planning 20 years of royalist and military repression.

In an editorial at the Bangkok Post, the reality is explained. It refers to a “know-it-all team … writing a two-decade national strategy for all future governments to follow.” It continues:

Immediately after a discussion with the [General] Prayut Chan-o-cha government [they mean the junta] on the strategy on Tuesday, Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) chairman Meechai Ruchupan [the military’s puppet], who leads [carries out the junta’s demands] the drafting of the strategy, delivered a warning that any future governments failing to adhere to the national strategy will be punishable under the current constitution [we assume the draft constitution]. His threatening message is a disservice to the country.

With considerable understatement, the editorial states that a “strategy that dictates how the nation should be run in the next two decades does not bode well.”

As the Post points out Meechai’s declaration “contradicts the earlier affirmation from Gen Prayut that the strategy would be changeable.”

We continue to be amazed that the media believes The Dictator. He is not a purveyor of any truths. Rather, his job is to destroy the “Thaksin regime” and prevent any elected government ever being able to actually rule Thailand.

To protect the the royalist elite’s ownership of Thailand, the military dictatorship knows it will require generational change. Anti-democrats support this forensic neuralyation of the population. (They know that it can be done, having been a part of the royal renaissance under the late king.)

Rather than rejecting the military dictatorship and its fascist ideas about a royalist reich, the Post editorial mumbles about “flexibility” and “change.”

It does observe the regression Thailand has had under the fascist royalists and the military boot:

The constitution brings the country back to the ruling system we used many decades ago. The regime’s strategy, therefore, cannot afford to freeze the future of Thailand by restricting changes. Thailand could risk falling into an outdated and obsolete state if future governments are bound to follow the strategy without flexibility.

More daringly, it states that “[c]riticisms and suggestions that come from the Pheu Thai Party and other observers are not biased and should be heeded.” This “plan,” it is said, “will be a path to disaster that could cause damage to the country.”

“Damage to the country” is not something that bothers the military dictatorship because they define “the country” as the interests, power, control and wealth of a small royalist elite. The rest of the country it meant to obediently serve this elite.nazis

Ignoring this, the editorial mumbles about “public participation” in developing the plan.

We are not sure why this is considered feasible or reasonable. After all, no aspect of anything the military junta has done has involved public participation. For the junta, the public is meant to be automatons, positively responding to junta demands and requirements.

When the editorial states that the “Thai people cannot afford to have a national strategy that will determine their future during the next two decades without being aware in advance of how it will look like,” it is ignoring the junta’s despotic record.

It babbles about liberal notions of “participation” ignoring the truth that this is a fascist state that is being embedded. Only the pure and ideologically sound may “participate” by cheering and rewarding the military junta.

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