An “election” and the fluid “roadmap”

The military dictatorship has repeatedly fudged on its “promise” to hold an “election.”

Despite this, The Dictator has repeatedly stated that the military junta’s “roadmap” on the return to a “civilianized” regime is clear and set in stone.

It seems that “stone” is more like wet cement.

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam is reported in the Bangkok Post on the supposed “election” schedule. He suggests a slippery and fluid “roadmap.”

He says that an “election is on course to take place next year but unforeseen factors could delay the political roadmap,” Yet he also said that the “country would undergo major changes next year including the enforcement of the new charter which would initiate the election process.” (Yes, “enforcement” is the word used in the report.)

He explained that the “roadmap to an elected government was created tentatively based on possible scenarios, so it could be affected by certain factors including new organic laws being drafted by the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC).”

And, even if there is an “election” in 2017, “we shouldn’t go as far as saying that we will have a new government in the same year.”

He says that “[i]t will take two months for the official [poll] results to be finalised and announced.” The new electoral system is so complicated that “the political party that wins the most votes may not form the government. ”

He added: “It’s hard to say when the House will convene to select a prime minister…”.

In the meantime, the military dictatorship will continue in power. And, if things go to plan, will maintain power by having The Dictator made premier after the slow motion “election.”


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