Military populism on a roll

Yesterday PPT posted on yet another example of junta populism. The promise was for electricity and water subsidies for low income families. The junta has retained free rides on public buses and trains. Most subsidies are centered on Bangkok.

We noted that the junta is in “election” campaign mode. That campaign is rife with the populist policies that the junta and its anti-democrat supporters claimed were ruining Thailand.

Today, the Bangkok Post reports on even more populism from the military dictatorship. It states that the junta has approved “12.75 billion baht in cash handouts to help low-income earners, the latest bid by the government to boost consumption in the struggling economy.” This handout “will be distributed to 5.4 million non-farmers earning up to 100,000 baht a year.” That’s well more than 20,000 baht per person.

The measure is apparently paired with “aid packages for needy farmers.”

We have lost count of the populist programs being dished out by the junta. And, The Dictator says the junta is “planning additional measures to boost year-end spending.”

Where are all those anti-populists now? We guess that, for anti-democrats, just like the corruption of “good” people being acceptable, populist handouts by “good” people are quite okay.

It is made clear again and again that Thailand’s ruling elite and Bangkok-based middle class, as the core of the anti-demoocrats have no moral compass at all.

It is also clear that the junta is prepared to pay out lots of taxpayer funds to get its people “elected.” The junta is immoral as well, but everyone already knew that.

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