AI on Sirikan

Amnesty International has called for urgent action [clicking opens a 2-page PDF] on the case of human rights lawyer Sirikan Charoensiri.  AI says she “faces an unfair trial in a military court together with 14 peaceful student activists she legally represented in June 2015. If convicted, she could face up to fifteen years’ imprisonment…”.

Sirikan works with Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) and “faces prosecution after providing legal assistance to activists from the New Democracy Movement (NDM) more than a year ago. On 22 October authorities charged Sirikan … with sedition under Article 116 of the Penal Code, and “illegal political assembly” in violation of Article 12 of the Head [The Dictator] of National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) [the military junta] Order no.3/2015, criminalizing any gatherings of five or more persons for political purposes.”

The action request is for letters to be sent to the authorities. The PDF includes the addresses and suggests three demands of them.


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