When is that “election”?

The military junta has repeatedly said that it will orchestrate an “election.” It says this is set out in its “roadmap.” The actual date for an “election” has slipped several times since the 2014 military coup.

The last time The Dictator announced his “election” was after the death of the late king, saying that the passing would not delay a “late 2017” election. That date was also mentioned after the “referendum” to approve the junta’s constitution, which is a set of rules to embed anti-democratic political rules.

Indeed, the draft constitution has been sent for the “king’s” endorsement “on schedule.” The issue of there not being a king on the throne has been swept aside with claims that the “king” has 90 days from 9 November to endorse the constitution.

A report at The Nation suggests that “election” slippage is still likely.

The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) claims that it is “speeding up its work in preparation for new organic laws that it has to deliberate within a 60-day time frame.” That time frame is causing concern for the NLA, which is not known for its support of elections.

The NLA has yet to get the draft laws from the Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC).

The report then states that the laws are “necessary to organise an election promised in the junta’s road map either next year or early in 2018.”

We continue to expect further delays. At the same time, we don’t see the constitution or elections to alter Thailand’s authoritarianism.

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