Charter jitters remain

The jitters over the junta’s draft constitution and the need for it to be signed into law still motivate claims that it will, one day, an unknown day, be signed by the new king who has yet to take the throne. Succession jitters seem to have been brought under control.

The Nation reports that the military’s constitution drafter Meechai Ruchupan stated that “he was convinced the new charter would be promulgated within 90 days after the government seeks royal endorsement from the new king.” Yet Meechai “declined to say when the new constitution would take effect.”

Meechai said The Dictator “would submit the draft constitution for royal endorsement tomorrow (Nov9)…”.

Meechai was also confident that the puppet “drafters would complete the four organic laws required before the next general election.” He explained that the “drafters were being particularly careful about provisions that would punish politicians who commit offences or have impacts on political party executives.” The talk of death sentences continues.

The junta’s “election” is scheduled for late 2017, but will not alter the military junta’s control of politics.

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