Grasping political opportunity

Khaosod reports on yet another defining statement by The Dictator.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha declares: “The media should not write about politics these days, because we don’t have politics these days…”.

Prayuth’s antipathy towards elected politicians is well known. “Good” people, the people of Prayuth’s ilk and other royalists apparently do not engage in “politics” and this defines this anti-politics call.

Prayuth invoked the “legacy of the late monarch,” who was indeed suspicious of elected politicians seeing them as evil and grasping. “Good” people are wealthy but not evil.

The General also used the late king’s name to demand that the media provide his “good” government with a free pass:

Write only about what work the government is doing, as guided by the wisdom of His Majesty, to fit with the situation. Please, don’t start any fights. Give us some time. Give some time for peace.

Of course, Prayuth is using the king’s name for his own partisan political purposes. This is entirely as expected; the king’s death has provided an opportunity for Prayuth to further embed his regime.

(We note that Khaosod is not alone in helping the regime out a bit on this by repeatedly and incorrectly stating that the late king “ruled Thailand for 70 years…”.)


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