Updated: Prayuth says succession resolved

General Prayuth Chan-ocha seems to read PPT and related media for he seems to have agreed that “delayed succession” is a cause for speculation.

He has apparently sought to resolve this, reported in the Bangkok Post, as saying: “citizens in Thailand and abroad should not be worried or concerned” about succession.

He added that “Thailand must observe at least 15 days of mourning for King Bhumibol Adulyadej before the royal succession can take place…”.

With the “at least” added, there seems considerable “wriggle room” and, hence, speculation will continue.

The Dictator “also confirmed the roadmap to restore democratic [sic.] rule, which includes a general election in 2017, will not be affected by the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej last week.”

He also “said the next king would sign the constitution by the timeframe set forth in the roadmap and there should be no delay.” (That the prince is expected to become king and sign the charter into law is a bit of a surprise after it was earlier intimated that Regent Prem Tinsulanonda would sign.)

Update: A reader drew our attention to a report at Khaosod which states that Prayuth said not “at least 15 days of mourning” but “seven to 15 days after the funeral of His Majesty the Late King began.” We went to news reports and found that 7-15 days was also mentioned in one report by Manager TV. While we didn’t see Prayuth saying this, we’d suggest that the 7-15 days is so specific that any variation on this would be a cause for even more speculation about succession. On this timetable, succession could be as soon as tomorrow.


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