Bravely challenging the military court

Rung Sila is the penname of a poet and cyber activist named Sirapop. He was first arrested on 24 June 2014 while on his way to a neighboring country to wait for his application for “Person of Concern” status to be processed by the UN refugee agency.

Prachatai reports that “[d]espite being accused of disrespecting the military court,” He has “refused to bow down, saying that the court should have defended democracy against coup-makers.”

On 4 October 2016, Rung Sila’s lawyer “resubmitted his client’s closing statement to the Military Court of Bangkok,” despite the military court having directed him to withdraw the parts it considered “disrespectful.” This is what he said:

If judicial authorities do not serve the principles of the law under a democratic society and the people, but accept the authorities of the coup-makers, who came to power by illegal means, then the judicial system and the rule of law will be destroyed.

Rung Sila now bravely stands by that statement and declares that military coups are a crime.

After his statement was resubmitted, the military court stated it would “deliver the verdict on the case on 25 November 2016.”

Sirapop was arrested on 25 June 2014 in northeastern Kalasin Province, while he was attempting to flee to a neighbouring country. The chances are that a vengeful and royalist “court” will seek a full 45 years imprisonment for this political prisoner.


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