More on mutual back scratching

When arrogant military types take over and run a country, they tend to become more arrogant. They also like to make life comfortable for themselves and their cronies. This tends to spill over into more arrogance and unlimited corruption.

The murderous lot running Thailand are no different.

Today’s big story in the media, and especially social media, is ever so timidly reported by the Bangkok Post at the end of a story on US-Thai military relations:Prawit and gold chain

Meanwhile, criticism has flared after [gold chain, diamond ring loving] Gen Prawit [Wongsuwan] chartered a plane to Honolulu for himself and an entourage, with the bill coming to 20.9 million baht, the website of the Secretariat of the Prime Minister says.

A Thai Airways plane was required for the trip which lasted from Thursday to Sunday.

[Junta lackey and] spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnerd on Sunday avoided responding to media questions over the matter. “I cannot speak instead of them [the defence ministry]. I have no details about it,” he said.

prawit(What? Even Sansern, seasoned fairy story teller for the military that he is, couldn’t come up with anything?)

It has been Matichon tackling the story, on the 21 million baht VIP flight where the food and drinks cost 600,000 and on a 400+ seat 747 that came to seat on 38 for the VIP trip to Hawaii, where it also reports on other taxpayer-funded jaunts.

Most recently, Khaosod has reported on this story. It says that the “military government Monday defended the expenditure of 20.9 million baht for the junta’s No. 2 general and his entourage to fly to an informal discussion with American military in Hawaii last week.” Even the expensive food and drinks.

As we know, the military and the junta always close ranks and protect their “brothers” from accusations of corruption, extortion, torture and murder, just to name a few of the things the green clad ones get up to on a regular basis.

So it was that Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Kongcheep Tantravanich “explained” that all was well: “It is a normal procedure for state agencies to follow…”. He went further into the mud:

Kongcheep said it was necessary for the government to hire Thai Airways for the Hawaii trip because no military aircraft were capable of the 19-hour flight without refueling.

The spokesman said the trip and its costs were within proper regulations and completely transparent.

Obviously, such precious military bosses could not possibly travel by commercial flight. (That’s why they are buying so much new VIP transport.)

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