The return of Corruption Park

As much as the Army and the military dictatorship wants the story to go away, Corruption Park continues to haunt it (as other corruption issues also come to the fore).

Khaosod reports that journalism investigative non-profit ThaiPublica is “is still waiting for responses from the military and national graft agency after it sued for details about the cost of royal monuments built by the army last year.”

Months of “investigations have all predictably concluded that there was no corruption at Rajabhakti Park, which is “believed to have cost 1 billion baht…”.

ThaiPublica wants “the army to disclose more information about its spending process,” using the 1997 Official Information Act to pry information from the tight-lipped and evasive Army, taking it to the Administrative Court.

The non-profit wants “the original cost estimates before the project to erect seven king statues went to bid.”

These estimates have been used in some of the “investigations,” yet “the army flatly refused to provide the information six months later [after first requested].” ThaiPublica appealed and a “government body responsible for public information requests ruled last month the army must reveal the information to the public.”

As its to be expected from this corrupt military populated by inveterate liars, it now says the estimates “didn’t exist.” This despite the fact that the National Anti-Corruption Commission stated that it had “received many of the same documents from the army.”

ThaiPublica’s purpose, its says, is simple: “We just want the truth to come out…”.


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