Questions for the junta

Naturally, there are probably hundreds of questions for the military dictatorship to answer. Here there are some that have been made public:

  1. According to Prachatai, the “Official Information Commission (OIC) on 29 July 2016 published the OIC ruling on the request for the disclosure of information about number of detainees and staff of the Remand Facility at the 11th Military Circle on Rama 5 Rd. in Bangkok…”.
  2. Human Rights Watch has declared that the regime “should urgently release a student activist detained since August 6, 2016, for peacefully protesting the military junta’s proposed constitution…”. The regime says he can be bailed. Why is it that the charges aren’t dropped.
  3. Our own question is for the junta and for readers. Where are the detailed referendum results? We mean district and provincial results. Has anyone got them? If not, why hasn’t the Election Commission released them?
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