Updated: There you go….

Now that the military junta has had its way with the referendum and anti-democratic charter, its next task is to ensure that it gets the government it wants in place. We can see two possibilities: a new military-backed party or a coalition of anti-democrats, loosely organized around a revamped Democrat Party and probably sans Abhisit Vejjajiva.

The election will not be held until the junta is sure that it can get what it wants. This is why the first salvo in a new anti-democratic war of repression has been fired by the military’s batman, and chairman of Constitution Drafting Committee, Meechai Ruchupan.Bootlicker

Prachatai reports that Meechai has declared the junta’s general election “might be held in early 2018 despite the junta’s strong promise that the election would be hosted within 2017 at all costs.”

The military has been delaying the election since it first throttled the life out of the elected government in May 2014. The last word was from The Dictator, who declared July 2017 the date. Now Meechai is floating a 2018 balloon, saying “the first general election according to the draft charter” could, “if it is necessary,” be “postponed to early 2018…”.

If the junta is not ready, that date could be dragged out even further.

The encouragement the military junta will take from its repression and oppression that led to the constitution “passing” will be that it can do whatever it wants, when it wants.

Update: The junta has declared that there will be an election in 2017, but likely in December rather than July. And, apparently responding to PPT, has also stated that it will not establish a political party. Believe them? We don’t. The junta will only go to an election when it is sure its minions, supporters and employees can win.


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