The Dictator’s mindset

The Bangkok Post tells everyone what has been obvious for months. Prime Minister, General and Dictator, Prayuth Chan-ocha has “insisted he will not step down in the event that the draft constitution is voted down in Sunday’s [charter] referendum.”

He said: “I am not worried about anything. No matter what the outcome [of the referendum] is, I will still be in power in accordance with the roadmap and I will do my best when I am still in the position. I do it for the country and the Thai people.”

He means he does it for the palace, the military and the business elite.

Revealing more of his personality, The Dictator declares: “I have never lost to anyone…”.

This could mean several things. It could confirm that Prayuth is Thailand’s most arrogant dipstick. It might mean that The Dictator thinks he has fixed the result so that the referendum will give him yet another victory.

The General went on: “I just want to maintain my power to run the administration during this transition period.” We don’t know how long that transition might be. He added that “he had to remain in power in line with the political ‘roadmap’ and tackle existing problems, such as political conflicts.”

Is this his 20 year roadmap or the shorter 5 year one?

The military junta and The Dictator are in this for the long run.

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