Threatening children II

After charging two 8-year-old girls for referendum offenses after they took some voter lists because they liked the paper, police and election officials have gone after more children.

How low can the junta go? As one of our readers reminds us, military dictatorships make officials appear the dumbest of the dumb. The need for repression and the fear associated with military rule means the good sense goes out the window and officials become brainless and fearful automatons.

This is exemplified in the latest attacks on children. The Bangkok Post reports that “[e]lection officials … detained and charged two high school students who tore down voter lists in what they thought was a clean-up.”

The two students are reported to have “confessed” to taking “down three lists of eligible voters for the charter referendum attached to a notice board at a polling station in Rayong’s Klaeng district.”

The local Keystone Cops heard that teh lists had been removed and immediately interrogated “four students playing in the area on Friday,” believing that they might have been “hired by someone to rip the documents.” Perhaps red-bummed macaques?  (The red is a giveaway.)

The two students who “confessed” also “told police there was no one behind their acts, adding they thought these were old documents.”

The remarkably brainless officials and police decided the students should be “sent to Rayong juvenile court to face prosecution.”

Eight-year-olds, young high school students and monkeys are all in the junta’s sights. While this might be bizarre, it is also reflective of the mindset of dictatorships.


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