Monkey threats

As the search for referendum saboteurs deepens, a troop of terrorist monkeys is in trouble with the military junta.

Of course, for the military junta, ranting about saboteurs and hunting for alleged saboteurs has a purpose; it spreads fear and deepens self-censorship.

It is Sunday… The latest referendum vandals are a troop of 100 pig-tailed macaques raided the open hall of Wat Hat Mun Krabue temple in Muang district of Pichit Province.

The dissident primates targeted the hall, entered with intent, and tore up lists of voters on Sunday morning.


The monkeys, not previously recognized as politicized, are known to be dangerous. It is believed that The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha is considering the use of Article 44 to suppress them. Troop leaders are being “invited” to the Pichit Army headquarters for “re-education” with ISOC’s trainers from Chiang Mai being brought in.

Villagers who witnessed the the raid were shocked as red bummed apes descended on the voters lists and voting instructions. by the time they dispersed, they left behind scraps of torn papers.

Apparently the threatening political primates responsible for the damage live in the bushes around the temple.

Pol Lt Col Banchob Uthayo, an investigator of Tambon Yanyao police station, reported the incident to his superiors and to the provincial election committee.

Arrests can be expected as the junta seeks to repress all opponents.

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