Threatening children I

The news from Thailand today has been depressingly bizarre. Earlier in the day, the Bangkok Post seemed to indicate that the military junta had blinked. The junta had apparently decided to “allow debates on the draft constitution in all provinces ahead of the Aug 7 referendum, bowing to pressure for calls for open talks.”

At the same time, elements of the junta seem to have gone berserk in their political repression. We have posted on the dictatorship’s lese majeste attacks on Patnaree Chankij and Noppawan Bunluesilp.

Most bizarre, however, is the demented decision to to “file charges against two 8-year-old schoolgirls who tore a voter registration list because they wanted its pink paper.” We posted on this case earlier.

Two 8-year-old girls collecting some pretty paper hardly seem like  threat to anything. But the junta’s minions at the ridiculous Election Commission have demanded their prosecution along with an apparently deranged police chief, Pol. Maj. Gen. Damrong Phetphong. The latter declared “he told the local election commissioner to file a complaint because the children had destroyed commission property.”

The crazy cop has been pushing for some kind of “example” to be made of the threatening youngsters He thundered:

There is no such thing excessive enforcement of the law…. The law has different punishments for adults, children and drunk people.We follow regulations. The judge will be the one who decides.

Meanwhile, the local “elections chief Suraphong Thanasangnuchit said he worried about being accused of dereliction of duty for not filing a criminal complaint against the little girls.”

Amazingly, these two girls are to be “further interrogated” as the police seek to establish “criminal intent.” Thailand, a global laughing stock, has witnessed the Grade 2 students fingerprinted “and criminal records run.” This despite the fact that they are too young to be responsible.

We can only imagine that the two 8-year-olds are extremely threatening for the military junta. The threat real is that the junta is demented and deranged and is getting madder by the moment.

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