Clods and clots II

In our previous Clods and clots post, we mentioned a story the junta claiming dastardly plots by its political enemies. One plot was particularly nasty, claimed to be the “unprecedented” destruction of one list of voters for the charter referendum in one district in Kampaeng Phet Province. The junta order that the culprits be hunted down.

It turned out that a couple of 8-year-old girls were responsible.

One would imagine that the junta, its spokesperson and others involved would be suitably embarrassed. No such luck, with Khaosod reporting that the two little girls, who liked and wanted the pink-colored paper, have had to report to police and have signed “reports.”

8 yo

Statement signing. Pic clipped from Khaosod.

We had never considered 8-year-olds legally responsible, but this military junta is a strange regime.

More seriously, regional police commander Chanasit Wattanarangkul “ordered the local police chief removed from his post because he didn’t file urgently report the vandalism.”

Perhaps he thought a couple of minors didn’t constitute an imminent threat to the regime.

Local police officers investigated and “[t]he original police report concluded the girls ‘believed the the pink-colored paper was beautiful’ so they tore it off and kept it.” Sensibly, the “girls were released without charge.”

However, local “police station chief Itthi Chamnanmor didn’t file any report about the incident to his supervisor.” For this oversight, Itthi was “transferred him to an inactive post and placed him under disciplinary investigation.”

Apparently the only thing that embarrassed Commander Chanasit was that he had to “find out about the girls’ antics from the media” rather than from a police report.

The clot in this case is easily identifiable, and its not Itthi.


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