The junta’s draft constitution

As readers know, the International Commission of Jurists recently prepared an English translation of the CDC’s latest draft constitution. A reader has generously worked on their draft, added enhancements to facilitate searching the document, and made it available.

The file of Constitution of Thailand includes the ICJ translation, plus tables of contents, a table of section cross-references and an index. The index is essentially an alphabetical outline of the document’s key provisions.

This file is made for computer/tablet viewing. Users can jump to the table of contents, the table of cross-references, and the index using the links at the bottom of each page.

In the tables of contents, users can jump to the listed section by clicking on it in the table. Users can also jump to specific sections wherever they appear in blue – in the body of the document, in the cross-reference table and in the index. The index allows users to jump to other index pages by clicking the letters at the top of the page.


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