Staying alive

Reports of doctors taking actions to maintain the king in this world have been appearing with increasing regularity over the past few weeks.

The most recent report we have seen is from AFP. The report notes that this “latest health update released by the palace [Royal Household Bureau] on Sunday…”. It also observes that: “Information on the monarchy is tightly controlled by the palace. Throughout much of the last two years of Bhumibol’s hospitalisation, updates have been rare. But in recent weeks the palace has issued a string of health bulletins.”

In the most recent bulletin, doctors are said to “have performed a procedure to reduce a new build-up of water on the brain, the palace said Sunday, the latest in a series of procedures for the 88-year-old.”

AFP observes that the king “has spent most of the past two years hospitalised in Bangkok for a series of ailments, including bacterial infections, breathing difficulties, heart problems and hydrocephalus (water on the brain).”

The latest procedure was “to install a new catheter to drain excess fluid in his brain.”

AFP points out that the king “has not been seen by the public since September when the palace released a video of him being taken in his wheelchair to visit a shop inside Bangkok’s Siriraj hospital.” Officials claim he briefly left the hospital in January.

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