Junta’s referendum guardians

Over the past week or so, we have made several comments on the Election Commission and disparaging comments on anti-election Election Commissioner, the ridiculously clownish and politically biased Somchai Srisuttiyakorn.

Somchai’s at it again. He says the EC “will monitor electronic media around the clock to stop any attempt to ‘sabotage’ the Aug 7 referendum by opponents of the draft constitution.”

He may be looking in the wrong place. It is more likely that it will be the junta itself will “sabotage” its own referendum, just as it sabotaged its previous draft charter.

But, of course, the biased election commissioner and the partisan EC are pointing at the the Puea Thai Party and red shirts.

The EC, as guardians of the Yes vote for the military junta, dismiss the red shirt support of the referendum because they also support a No vote. By EC definition, this makes them “saboteurs.”

Somchai in junta supporter's silly hat

Somchai in a silly hat

Somchai, the military junta’s champion, disguised as an election commissioner, “said the EC, the Technology Crime Suppression Division and the Information and Communication Technology Ministry would form a working group to monitor the spread of ‘rude, false and provocative messages’ via electronic media to influence voters.”

He means any messages or posts that support a No vote.

Somchai revealed that the junta wants to control the “electronic media” as it “would be the main battlefield of opinion in the run-up to the referendum…”.

In a message meant to threaten referendum and charter opponents, he said there would be 24/7 monitoring. He threatened immediate legal action against opponents.

Election commissioner Boonsong Noisophon dismissed the red shirts, accusing them of political bias.

The military and the EC are apparently politically neutral. Yes, really. Maybe this post should have been “Dumb III.”

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