King’s health declines further

Both the Bangkok Post and Khaosod reports that the king’s health has again deteriorated. It was less than a week ago that the aged monarch was reported as suffering yet more fevers and inflamed knees. This king’s health has been so bad for so long that his life has become tortuous.

The most recent reports are of another bout of “excessive water in his brain…”. This is the second time this has been reported, with an earlier episode in late 2015. Even earlier, he was reported to have had bleeding in the brain.

In 2015, we pointed to hydrocephalus mentioned at Wikipedia. The [U.S.] National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke has a “fact sheet” on hydrocephalus.

This latest bout of hydrocephalus required treatment, and as usual the palace’s Royal Household Bureau says that “the result was satisfactory to the team of physicians,” adding that the royal doctors would “closely monitor his condition further.”

The statement said the king had had “unusual muscle spasms were detected in his face on Friday, leading doctors to conduct a computer X-ray of his brain.” This found “an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid” and the report adds that “a tube placed in his abdomen earlier this month was adjusted, a process that began at 6.30pm and took a little over an hour.”


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