King remains ill

The king has not been seen for some time. The only reports are of his various illnesses as his decline is tortuously long.

The latest report is that the aged monarch is suffering yet more fevers and “inflammation.” This time, according to the Royal Household Bureau, the king has inflamed knees. Yet again the royal doctors are treating him with antibiotics. This suggests infectious arthritis.

Doctors report “that on Wednesday the King developed a fever, and his pulse rate was faster than normal. His blood pressure had also dropped slightly…”. He “also had a lot of phlegm.”

By Thursday, an x-ray “showed a slight inflammation in the King’s right lung.” He has had many such infections.

By Friday, however, “the doctors reported that his body temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure were normal.” They continued “to provide antibiotics to ease the inflammation in the knee joints as well as medicine to reduce phlegm. The doctors also have given the King oxygen and physical therapy…”.

As an elderly man, the king seems in a bad way, forever ill and on strong medications. This is why the transition to the prince is taking place.


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