Further updated: On the junta’s lese majeste hostage II

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights have posted an English-language account of the military dictatorship’s ridiculous allegations of lese majeste against Patnaree Chankij.

We won’t reproduce it all, just this important paragraph filled with the nonsense and concoctions that are defining of the dictatorship:

“In the [Facebook] chat, Mr. Burin who used his Facebook account named “Burin Intin” had posted messages obviously deemed defamatory to the monarchy. During the chat, Mr. Burin had also wrote “Don’t criticise me for saying all these”, and a reply had come from a Facebook account “Nuengnuch Chankij writing ‘Ja’. Such reply implied the acknowledgement and agreement with the alleged posts made by Mr. Burin. Therefore, judging from the circumstances and the acts of the user of Facebook account named “Nuengnuch Chankij”, the user is an accomplice to Mr. Burin in the act to post the messages defamatory, insulting, or threatening to the King, the Queen, and the Heir-apparent and to bring into a computer system data which is an offence against national security. Had the Facebook user “Nuengnuch Chankij” not agreed with the alleged posts made by Mr. Burin, she would have stopped him from posting the messages or blamed him for doing so. Instead, her reply “Ja” simply infers her consent (to the act).”

Patnaree currently languishes in one of the junta’s prison cells, hoping that their barbarous act against a mother will silence her son and others of the Neo-Democracy and Resistant Citizen movements.

Update 1: The Bangkok Post reports that police now say that their own notification of charges is wrong or at best misleading. This admission comes following widespread criticism of the military dictatorship for arresting the mother of a student activist. A relatively low-ranked police officer states: “We insist Ms Patnaree did not utter just one word as reported earlier. There’s more to the conversation which we can’t reveal at this stage…”. The officer then threatens the media and the defendant’s lawyers: “Those who said she was charged because of the word ‘ja’ are spreading a lie and they are liable to prosecution.” Threats, arrests, intimidation are the stock in trade of the military junta.

Update 2: Khaosod reports that a military court granted temporary bail to Patnaree on Sunday. The bail surety was set at 500,000 baht. The military court set the conditions of bail, including “agreeing not to participate in political activities and being barred from travelling abroad without the court’s permission.” Lawyer Arnon Nampa said bail “was raised by the Resistant Citizen group…”.

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