Human rights for thugs and dummies

The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha has “explained” how he “understands human rights.

Defending the junta’s arrest of eight Facebookers, Prayuth declared that “security officers acted within the law in their abduction and prosecution of eight people accused of running anti-government Facebook pages.”

These people were abducted, taken from their homes by soldiers without warrants, appear before military courts and are repeatedly refused bail.

By “law,” Prayuth means the laws and decrees implemented by the junta and for the junta. The junta could declare anything it wants illegal, making anyone arrested as being “within the law.” None of the junta’s “laws” have any legitimacy. They are the decrees of dictators and thugs.

The Dictator then revealed his “understanding” of human rights.

As might be expected, General Prayuth said the Facebookers are receiving “treatment … in accordance with human rights principles.”

He means his own “principles.” Prayuth “explains”: “Exercising my power must not violate any human rights…”.

Confused? Here’s what he considers constitutes a “violation” of human rights: “By ‘violate,’ I mean using violence. All the [accusations] in the past have been lies. We never touched them at all, because we have always been careful.”

Violating human rights only occurs, in The Dictator’s world, when people are tortured, murdered, beaten and so on.

Yes, we know, the current junta has engaged in such acts, but Prayuth lives in a military fantasy world. We can point to forced abductions, deaths in custody, forced disappearances and more.

We can add that the military abuses the human rights of its own, even under Prayuth’s narrow “definition.” The military repeatedly beats, tortures and kills its own.

Human rights has no meaning for Thailand’s military thugs and dummies.


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