Updated: Control everything

The military dictatorship’s penchant is for control. Control politics, control people, control media, control the internet, control the country and, now, control the weather. It is the nature of a humorless, erratic, brutal, hierarchical and madly repressive institution to want to control every aspect of life.

This is why all efforts to oppose the junta’s controls are important.

The Bangkok Post reports that some of the May Day unionists and workers did some interesting and subversive things.

The unions have long been dominated by hierarchical state enterprise unions that are in the clutches of the broad yellow shirt movement. These unions have been supportive of and active in anti-democracy movements and two military coups.

This is why it was exciting to see many May Day marchers go to the Democracy Monument “with huge signs and red flags demanding political rights…”, including rights to “freedom of association and the right to assemble for collective bargaining.” They also carried a funeral wreath and there was many in red colored shirts and with red colored banners.

The Resistant Citizen and Neo-Democracy movements, despite recent arrests and jailings, continue to campaign. They are brave and significant. Khaosod has two reports on their most recent efforts, here and here.

Meanwhile, at the Bangkok Post, former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra has called on The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha to be more accepting of criticism. Fat chance, but the point is politically explosive because it carries the Shinawatra moniker.

It is also explosive because Yingluck reveals that Prayuth “used to tell her that enforcing laws to dismiss people who fail to comply with policies or force anyone to work for the administration would worsen the political conflict.”

That was when the traitorous General Prayuth was working with the anti-democrats to bring down Yingluck’s government.

Now, Prayuth wants total control for his army and the royalist elite’s social order.

Dangerous trashUpdate: Desperate and dastardly, the fascist regime is reported by Prachatai to be seeking to use littering laws against protesters who have been seeking to avoid arrest by gathering in groups of less than 5 – the junta’s limit on meeting size.

In the rest of the world, such rubbish will be seen as pathetic and perhaps even humorously demonstrating the ridiculousness of the regime.

In Thailand, it seems the fascist military are so mad that they will do anything to stop political commentary it finds in any way challenging.

The Dictator and his dull fellow fascists may be despicable, thick and thin-skinned but they have the power to order, threaten, jail, suppress and repress. They are dangerous, remaking Thailand in the interests of those who exploit, murder and steal the life, wealth and voice of the Thai people.

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