Repressing political opponents with lese majeste III

Khaosod reports that, in addition to the arrest of Burin Intin, two of the Facebook 8 have been charged with lese majeste.

Nattatika Worathaiwit and Harit Mahaton were “abducted … by the military on Wednesday morning…” along with their comrades, all accused of somehow insulting thin-skinned, arrogant and erratic General Prayuth Chan-ocha, The Dictator.

All eight will appear in a military court on sedition charges of and of offenses under the draconian Computer Crime Act.

Nattatika and Harit also face lese majeste charges.

All of the eight face the possibility of a decade or more in jail. Nattatika and Harit could face far more years in a junta jail.

The report states that “[p]olice have not disclosed the nature of the royal defamation, but activist and lawyer Arnon Nampha told media the military found [allegedly] offensive language in a Facebook chat between the two suspects.”

The military court refused to grant bail.

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