Repressing political opponents with lese majeste I

The military regime continues to double down on its repression including a new deployment of lese majeste against those it identifies as its political opponents.

Khaosod reports that eight of the 10 people abducted from their homes by soldiers have been held without bail after appearing before a military court.

The regime is also threatening lese majeste charges against two of them.

In addition to lese majeste, the main charges against them appears to be lese général, referred to by the regime as “sedition.”

They are accused of being red shirts.

They are also accused of running “anti-government [anti-junta] Facebook pages” which apparently ridiculed the ridiculous General Prayuth Chan-ocha and other murderous and corrupt generals. They will be before a military court under the Computer Crimes Act.

The military also accused them of receiving funds for posting anti-junta material at “เรารักพล.อ.ประยุทธ์” (We Love Gen Prayut) Facebook page. This is part of the military’s remarkable psychological need for the construction of conspiracies.

The eight political prisoners are:

… Nattatika Worathaiwit, Kannasitthi Tangboonthina, Noppakao Kongsuwan, Worawit Saksamutnand, Yothin Mangkangsa-nga, Thanawat Buranasiri, Suphachai Saibutr, Harit Mahaton.

The military initially refused to allow them to meet with their own lawyer.

The Bangkok Post reports that the regime is “also gathering evidence to support the arrest of prominent figures in the red-shirt United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship and their allies.”

In their detention request for the Facebook administrators, investigators cited violations of Section 116 on national security of the Criminal Code and Section 14 of the 2007 Computer Crime Act.

The repression will further increase until August.

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