Cracking the yellow coalition

A couple of days ago we posted on demands made of the junta by a cross-color coalition. Now, according to The Nation, a group claiming to be the Anti-Thaksin Shinawatra V for Vendetta group has reactivated to oppose to military dictatorship.

It is said to have “crashed government websites yesterday in protest over the draft constitution and in collaboration with a group that opposes the proposed single Internet gateway for the country.”

The group declares that the military “government is not being truthful about the purpose of the national referendum…”. It said its “members would vote against the charter in the referendum.” It was only in 2013 that “the group had called on the military to oust the [Yingluck] Shinawatra government.”

The cracks in the military’s post-coup coalition of support from anti-democrats may be widening.

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