Taxpayer support to the monarchy

Over the past few years PPT has collected and posted information derived from the Budget Bureau on the officially declared spending on the monarchy in Thailand (see our 2015 post as an example).

This calculation is that declared as “promoting and protecting the monarchy,” and is in addition to any deals done with individual royals, the Crown Property Bureau and any additional funds that are allocated after budgets are initially drawn up. As far as we know, it does not cover things like funding to the police, military and courts, etc. for hunting lese majeste offenders, putting them through the courts and keeping them in jail.

While we are sure there’s lots more spending on royal stuff hidden away in various budget lines, these estimates from the Budget Bureau can be considered a minimum cost to taxpayers.

In 2016, it seems that the figure is 18 billion baht. That this is an increase over 2015 should not surprise as there have been substantial increases in recent years, under both the Yingluck Shinawatra government and the military junta.

In the graph, we have collected the data we have and expressed it in billions of baht.

The impost on taxpayers has increased 68.2% since 2012.

Money for the richest


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