Impunity for the rich

A reader has advised us of an Australian radio story that is worth taking the time to listen to and consider.

Even if one knows the story, Bangkok dangerous: are Thailand’s rich above the law? is a terrible and terrifying story. Here’s the blurb:

A deadly high-speed crash caught on camera in Thailand has re-ignited public anger over impunity for the rich of Bangkok. Despite crashing at an estimated 250 kilometres an hour and killing two people, the driver refused tests for alcohol and drugs. But that’s not all an old case of the infamous ‘texting teen’ has re-surfaced further stoking public outrage.

The story is terrifying because it demonstrates how much power and influence the wealthy have in Thailand. Like the military who serve their interests, they can literally get away with murder. This fact is so well recognized that the story’s title hardly needs be a question. The fabulously wealthy can run down and smash their expensive cars into others, kill and maim them, and get away virtually scot-free.

There’s also a transcript of the story. We had some earlier comments on earlier instances, here, here and here.

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