When this charter fails…

There have been questions asked about what happens when this junta draft charter is not passed in the military’s referendum. To date, no answers have been provided. It’s been “Wait and see,” or “The charter will pass.”

The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha has now been a little more definitive.

The Bangkok Post reports that the erratic and not very bright man will write the nation’s charter himself.

It reports that if the” draft constitution is voted down in the Aug 7 referendum, a new one will be written from scratch and no past charter will be used in its place…”. The scary bit was then added: “I’ll use the version in my head and heart. I won’t use anything else…”.

Junta puppet and chief of the Constitution Drafting Committee Meechai Ruchupan had previously indicated that a “version prepared by the NCPO [the junta] as backup might be even tougher than his draft.”

That’s a scary thought and may cause some to accept the current illegitimate draft charter. That would be a mistake.

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