Befuddled by red bowls

They have done it to themselves. The Thaksin Shinawatra red bowls, have flummoxed the generals. They have been shouting sedition and conspiracy and now find themselves with an issue – 10 baht plastic bowls that they seem unable to handle or even comprehend. The military junta is in a state of panic, anxiety and puzzlement, lashing out at all and sundry and especially former politicians. Indeed, The Dictator himself seems befuddled.

In one of the linked posts above, we stated: Try as we might, we cannot find a clear statement of which law the former elected parliamentarians have broken, although the Bangkok Post does state that the first person caught with red revolutionary water dippers was “charged with sedition under Section 116 of the Criminal Code…”. Earlier, Prachatai has reported a woman charged with sedition for posting a picture on social media of a Thaksin bowl. We remained skeptical.

Now, it is reported that General Prayuth Chan-ocha “has instructed police to check whether giving out red bowls bearing a Songkran wish from ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to people is illegal.” He’s also unsure about “whether supporting a ‘wrongdoer’ or a fugitive was illegal.”

As far as PPT can determine, based on precedents of various figures in government over many years supporting “fugitives,” such acts are not illegal.

Attempting to overcome his befuddlement, Prayuth tried to grasp things he could understand and asked: “Why are red bowls given to people? Why not yellow ones or other colours? Is the red one more practical than others of different colours?… “Why do people want to get free red bowls? Why don’t they buy one themselves? It’s cheap.”

Yellow, of course! Perhaps the junta should be spanking itself for not having thought of this earlier. Or maybe arresting people for this failure that amounts to lese majeste-like dereliction of royalist duty.

Wags caught his comment that: “If the giver is full of good intentions, he or she had better distribute a jar which can be used to store rain water to people…” and posted pictures of giant water jars, some of them red, given away when Thaksin was premier.

Even though Prayuth was flummoxed, his regime has decided that red bowls are revolutionary and is threatening those who give them away or sell them. Illegal or not, it will be go to military re-education camps.

Junta spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnerd said “to distribute red bowls for the Songkran water festival this month will cause disunity and politicians caught doing it will be sent to attitude adjustment camps…”. Like others in the junta, he declared the bowls dangerous as they were a part of a “hidden agenda” that none of them could explain. It seemed the bowls, unlike re-education camps and repression of political opponents, caused “division.”

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